Sunerly Silicone Ice Tray Molds in Star Wars Character Shapes Ideal for Chocolate Ice Cubes Trays

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This set of 7 Star Wars Trays are a MUST HAVE for any Star Wars fan! Star Wars Character moulds are safe to use up to 230°C. This means you can make more than just Star Wars Character ice cubes! Candy, chocolate, crayons and soaps can all be made with this set. FEATURES: FDA Approved; BPA Free High Quality Food Grade SiliconeEco-Friendly Temperature Range of -40 to +230°C Clean with Ease (Dishwasher Safe: Top Rack) Microwave and Oven Safe Non-Stick Finish: Pop out results with ease. (For Optimal Results: Apply cooking spray on tray when making Jell-o or Gummies) Packed individually in Plastic Plain Polybag PERFECT SET FOR DIFFERENT OCCASIONS PERFECT SET FOR: Birthday Parties School Fairs Wedding Reception Christmas Stockings Christmas Gifts School Lessons Children Camps Surprising your special Star Wars fan Anniversary gift YOU CAN MAKE STAR WARS THEMED: Ice-Cubes Chocolate Cake and Muffin Decorations Jelly Bath Bombs Crayons Soaps Anything else you come up with! Package includes: 1* Han Solo Tray: (15.8cm x 10.9cm) 1* Millennium Falcon Tray: (14.8cm x 10.9cm) 1* Darth Vader Tray: (14.8cm x 10.9cm) 1* R2-D2 Tray: (15.8cm x 10.9cm) 1* Stormtrooper Tray: (15.2cm x 11.2cm) 1* X-Wing Fighter Tray: (14.8cm x 10.9cm) 1* Mandalor, & Boba fett: (14.8cm x 10.9cm) Have you ever had a trouble popping ice-cubes or chocolate out of the molds? Not any more!Our silicone moulds are very pliable and flexible and it's easy to pop ice-cubes, chocolate or other things out of the moulds. Even kids can do it! Use a dishwasher to clean the molds or rinse moulds with warm water and a soft sponge between batches and after use.