Teabloom Stovetop Microwave Safe Glass Teapot 3440oz10001200ml with Removable Loose Tea Glass

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TEABLOOM REINTRODUCES THE ART OF TEA Teabloom's 34 oz. Celebration Glass Teapot and infuser is made of beautiful crystal-clear hand blown lead-free glass that is also heatproof. The borosilicate glass is as durable as it is lovely. The transparent glass teapot, glass lid and pour spout give you a 360 degree view of the steeping tea within. If you place a Teabloom tea ball in the pot to steep, you can watch the magic unfold from every angle. All you have to do is add boiling water and watch the jasmine-filled Green tea flower bloom while it creates an aromatic, delicious and healthy brew right before your eyes. With the Celebration Teapot, you do more than just drink tea, you have a moment. A moment to watch beauty unfold before your eyes. But the teapot also includes a glass infuser if you want to steep loose teas instead. This durable, yet classically designed teapot was created to make your tea drinking moments memorable and relaxing. It is dishwasher safe and can be used on the stovetop or in the microwave or placed in the refrigerator without experiencing thermal shock and cracking like most other glassware. Teabloom's Celebration Teapot is the perfect teapot to pass down from generation to generation providing timeless tea-times as well as memory-making experiences. THE CELEBRATION GLASS TEAPOT - A FEAST FOR THE SENSES The Celebration Glass Teapot is a classic example of the idea that form follows function--and the perfect way to enjoy Teabloom's handcrafted tea flowers. When brewed in the Celebration Glass Teapot, tea flowers slowly bloom into a breathtaking display--while delivering a delicious, exquisitely-scented, healthy tea. 34 oz. borosilicate glass teapot and lid Borosilicate, laser-cut glass tea infuser for use with loose-leaf tea or tea bags Two exclusive Teabloom green tea flowering teas varieties to delight all your senses THE CELEBRATION GLASS TEAPOT - WHAT DISCERNING BUYERS KNOW At Teabloom, we know you have a choice when it comes to buying premium tea and teawares. That's why we work so hard to design, create, and deliver the best products on the market--and back up every purchase with superlative service. Here are some of the benefits that make the Celebration Glass Teapot a perennial best-seller: Watch the beauty of flowering tea "blooming" inside Each piece is safe, strong and beautiful--crafted of strong, lead-free borosilicate glass Safely use teapot and laser-cut glass infuser with stovetop, microwave and dishwasher Can be used with loose-leaf, flowering tea, and tea bags Teapot has comfortable, extra-large handle and non-drip spout Each tea flower brews a full pot of healthy, delicious, scented tea Re-steep each tea flower up to three times--refrigerate between uses Boost health with antioxidants, polyphenols, flavonoids, catechins, and L-theanine in blooming tea OUR QUALITY IS IN THE DETAILS Why a Glass Teapot? A glass teapot is the perfect showcase for the visual beauty of blooming tea and loose leaf tea. Lead-free glass is also healthier than metal or other materials. Our glass teapots and infusers are stovetop, dishwasher, and microwave-safe. What is Blooming Tea? The Celebration Glass Teapot arrives with two tea flowers: Rising Spring and Eternal Love. Our blooming tea is handcrafted using grade AA green tea, sourced from family farms, and exquisite edible flowers. How Will My Order Be Packed? The Celebration Teapot is beautifully packaged for gift-giving and carefully polyfoam protected for safety during transit. This product as well as other Teabloom teawares are all packed and shipped with care. Read more Read more ABOUT TEABLOOM We Live, Breathe & Dream Tea Teabloom started with a simple idea—to create healthier, more entertaining tea products that enhance body, mind and soul. We constantly strive to improve our offerings of premium teas and teawares to bring families and friends together for shared experiences and timeless moments. A Blooming Tea Garden Our hand-crafted flowering teas blossom before your eyes and taste exquisite. Using premium-quality ingredients sourced from family-owned farms, our artisans handcraft tea leaves and edible blossoms into healthy, beautiful tea flowers. Our Passion for Quality At Teabloom, we are passionate about quality. Along with our blooming teas, enjoy an unmatched selection of handcrafted, premium teaware and gift sets. All are beautifully packaged for gift-giving, shipped with care, and backed by our outstanding service. Read more