Travel Makeup CaseChomeiu Professional Cosmetic Makeup Bag Organizer Makeup Boxes With Compartments

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High quality : durable Oxford cloth, sturdy stitching process, able to withstand the weight of the pull. Unique design : the traditional cosmetic bag fusion acrylic frame, cosmetic protection, adjustable partition so that cosmetics neat and orderly, brush pouch plastic and detachable acrylic frame,easier to clean cosmetic residue. Travel portable : reasonable size, do not waste any space, you can put into your luggage, free to build your dressing table. Makeup brush space : 4 solt pockets,fit 8.5 "brushes, other eyeliner pliers, tweezers, data cables and more, covered in plastic,protect the individual space of your makeup brush,easy access Great gift : This is a multifunction accessories case,gift to family and friends,this is definitely a surprise CHOMEIU : Focus on cosmetic bag Professional makeup case The most understand your makeup case Read more Carefully selected high-quality materials Water-repellent fabric : Robust Oxford cloth, durable, water-repellent process to prevent liquid from leaking and splashing, very safe in the trunk Sponge sandwich : 5mm sponge padding, effectively prevent collisions and drops, take care of your cosmetics Soft lining : Care of your health, skin-friendly,great texture Read more Safe cosmetic bag Adjust space : According to the size of cosmetics, DIY arranged space, not only neatly placed cosmetics, and cosmetics can be fixed to prevent shaking and falling damage Read more Perfect makeup bag Great design : Every detail is perfect, compared with the traditional makeup bag added adjustment partition, soft sponge wrapped partitions, strong acrylic model to the cosmetics box to create a safe space, remove the model, more convenient to clean, Every detail is intimate Read more Multi-functional accessories case Toiletry bag Double serving of toiletries, toothpaste, toothbrush, towel, bath towel, facial cleanser, shower gel, shampoo, skin care products, shaving kit, etc.,very suitable for couples traveling, double space, you can design independent space, honeymoon, emotional warming,If you have your child, you can choose Black-L, for four copies Electronic storage bag Mobile phones, tablets, power supplies, data cables, headsets, digital cameras, chargers, mice, U disk, etc,as an electronic fan, open your small party anywhere Other storage More other usage waiting for you to turn on, great tool,accessories case Read more