USB C Hub for iPad Pro 2018 2020 6 in 1 USB C ipad Adapter with USB30 SDTF Card Reader 35mm

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RAYROW 6-IN-1 USB C Hub for iPad Pro 2018 11" 12.9" 6 in 1 USB C to 4K HDMI Adapter with USB3.0, SD/TF Card Reader, 3.5mm Headphone Jack, PD Charging, HDMI Converter. Specially designed for iPad Pro 2018 to have a more pleasing mobile experience. Path Rule For Reading File In i-Pad Pro 2018: Before inserting the flash drive / SD card / micro SD card into the hub to read data on your iPad Pro 2018, you need to change the name of the file in the flash drive on a computer (Windows or Mac operation system). Home folder must be named “DCIM”. A folder under your Home Folder must be named “100APPLE” or supported camera name. The image file name must be named "IMG_xxxx" (xxxx is any number). Make an example: If your camera is Nikon D7000, there are two options: (1). DCIM/100APPLE/IMG_xxxx.jpg (2). DCIM/100D7000/IMG_xxxx.jpg Read more 4K UHD Resolution HDMI converter supports high definition graphics images up to 4k@30Hz with mirrors or extends screen mode,backward with HD1080P and HD 720P. It can connect to HDTV, monitors and projector for presentations, conference calls, video steaming, home theater and so on. Specially Magnetic Holder Designed Specially designed magnetic holder for the iPad Pro 2018, it can strengthen contact between the Hub, fit iPad pro more tightly and not slip off easily while moving or playing games. Please remove your iPad Keyboard Folio before using this hub if you need to use with the magnetic holder. Small Size and Portable Product dimensions is 5*2.6*0.8 inches and it weighs 0.11lb. You can easily put it in your pants pocket, briefcase and backpack. Read more High-Speed Data Transfer The USB3.0 port allows you transfer photos and data at speed up to 5 Gbps. It won't take seconds before your sharing files was transferred. Both TF/SD card readers support up to 512GB. And two cards can’t work synchronously. Up to 60W Fast Charging While you are transferring photos, connecting to HDMI port or other devices, 60w fast charging allows you to keep your devices running without worrying about transferring or connection interruptions. Charging and Listening Sync Up to 60W fast charging with a 3.5mmm audio port, you can listen to music while charging. Perfect for meditation, writing, traveling ,or enjoying other quiet and beautiful moments. Read more