UV Gel Nail Lamp SUNUV LED Nail Dryer for Gel Polish 24W 48W UV Light with 3 Timers SUNone

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Which LED Nail lamp should I buy? The SUNUV SUNone UV/LED Nail Lamp can switch between 24 and 48 watts with 3 timer setting.It will be quick and fine with 48 watts,but if you apply a thinner gel coat and prefer a lighter light, 24watts which brings you safe and comfortable experience might be better for you. It won’t take you too much money,but it is professional for salon. Are you ever tired of replacing the lamp tube over and over again when using the traditional nail dryer? Here comes a good news! SUNUV SUNone nail dryer with 30 pieces 48W/24W double light source UV/LED(365nm+405nm) lamp is a professional nail dryer that has no need to change any lamp tube! Will an LED lamp work with regular nail polish? Yes and no. You have to use a gel or shellac top coat. So apply your regular polish, waiting for it to air dry between coats and then apply a gel or shellac top coat and cure. It won’t last as long as if you’re using all gel or shellac products but it’ll help extend a regular type of manicure. How to properly connect the AC power adapter? Caution!Please plug the AC Power adapter into an electrical outlet after you connect it with the nail lamp. SUNUV UV LED Gel Nail Lamp SUNUV has always been imitated but never surpassed. There are more than 20 products which are developed, designed and produced by SUNUV, that is SUNONE, SUN2C, SUN3, SUN4, SUN5, SUN5plus, SUN6, SUN7, SUN8, SUN9C, SUN9X… SUNONE gel polish light led Nail Dryer Suitable for all Brand Nail Gels with Three Timer Setting and Automatic Sensor SUNONE is amazing UV/LED gel nail polish dryer lamp. The light works great for both gel polish and builder gels. Put your hand in and it automatically starts the light or choose one of the preset timed buttons. 30 LED beards with high power Power switches between 24W/48W Fast curing and drying Suitable for almost all nail gels 3 timer with sensor 5s, 30s, 60s Protect eyes and skin from the uv light Save 50% time than average lamp Read more HOW TO USE OUR SUNONE NAIL LAMP? 1. Apply a thin layer of the Gel Polishes according to its usage instructions to the clean, dry nail without touching the cuticle or skin alongside the nails. 2. Choose the appropriate timer(5s/30s/60s) as per layer’s requirements. The lamp will automatically shut off after the specified time. Or use the auto-sensor, it would turn on or off automatically when you put hand/foot in or out. 3. Please note that curing time vary based on gel polish brand. SUNUV nail lamp is for all kinds of gel polishes only, not for regular nail polish. Ensure that your polish is compatible before purchase. For the best results, avoid moving your hand too much until curing is completed. 4. If gel polish is a little sticky after curing, please use rubbing alcohol to wipe it away. Enjoy your beautiful manicure or pedicure with SUNUV nail dryer! Read more Curing All Gels SUNUV SUNone is designed with UV LED light beads makes it works well with All types of UV gel and LED gel nail polish, including nail UV-glue,builder gel, nail sculpture gel, gem glue and LED nail gel etc. No brand requirements though. Curing your nails with ombre polishes Ombre color palettes aren’t just for hair. This idea translates to a perfectly posh gel nail idea. Try using several shades of one color or a mix of three or four different ones to create a kaleidoscope effect. This classy nail art is suited for both short nail designs and long nail designs. Glitter Gel Manicure Perfect for ladies wanting to blend edgy nails with more subdued tones. Looking for ways to amp up your toes this summer? If you’re always in search for some cute and creative nail designs for your nails, you should have a nail machine. Sandal season is near so there’s no reason not to do some nail art on your toes, right? You could do it at home with your nail lamp and cancel your next appointment to your favorite nail salon. Compact and High Power SUNUV nail lamps are made of recyclable ABS that has a high impact resistance and chemical resistance making them safe to use. Enough power to cure your nail gel polish with 30 LED bulbs positioned to ensure uv light distribution. Comfortable for Eyes and Skin SUNUV SUNone white light source nail dryer protects your tender skin from getting darker or burn and brings you safe and comfortable experience! WHAT'S IN THE BOX? 1x SUNUV SUNONE 24W/48W Nail Lamp 1x User Manual 1x Power Adapter 1x Nail Polish Application Read more