VAV 1875W Professional Hair Dryer Negative Ion Blow Dryer Far Infrared Dryer With 3 Heat 2 Speed

199 đánh giá
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VAV Professional Hair Dryer Negative Ions & Far Infrared Blow Dryer Tips: After shampooing, dry your hair with a towel;Then the hot air blows, first blowing from the roots and blowing in the direction of the hair. When the hair roots are dry and the hair is mostly dry, apply hair care oil to the hair;Change the cold air or low-grade hot air to blow the tail.Negative ions can help smooth out the hair, but don't blow your hair too dry, which can cause your hair to dry out. The far infrared function helps the hair to dry quickly and reduces the blowing time. Far Infrared Far infrared rays promote blood circulation of the scalp, stimulate the healthy growth of hair follicles, effectively reduce hair loss and prevent hair loss. So the red light is good for your body. 2 Speed & 3 Heating Settings Feel free to adjust the wind you want. Cool Shot Button Quickly convert to cold air with one button Negative Ion Negative ions lock 30% moisture and keep hair smooth and shiny. Fine and fragile hair should not be used for long periods of high winds and high temperatures. Read more What you'll get in the box : 1 *VAV 1875W Professional Salon Hair Dryer 1 *Diffuser 1 *Comb 1 *Concentrator Nozzle Everyone deserves to feel beautiful,Vivid&Vogue 1875w Professional Hair Dryer, you deserve it!!! It's one of the best gifts for Holiday. Read more ALCI Safety Plug This device is equipped with a test button so that its operation can be checked. To ensure the plug is safe, it should be checked each time when you use. Removal Rear Cover Double isolation and easy to clean. Voltage: 100-125V, 50/60HZ 2.65m long cord and hanging loop Diffuser & Concentrator & Comb Diffuser can maintain the curl and bulk of the curls. Concentrator & Comb can blow out smooth long straight hair. Tips: Carefully turn it, and while turning, lift it toward the tuyere, turn it to the gap and take it out and replace it. Read more