Water Flosser ABOX Dental Oral Irrigator 600ml Capacity with 8 multifunctional Tips 10 Water

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Read more ABOX Countertop Oral Irrigator with 10 Adjustable Modes and 8 Multi-functional Nozzles keep your gums healthy and your teeth white and strong through your entire lifetime 600ml reservior, fulfill one time of 3 minutes flossing. 8 multi-functional nozzels for whole family. Anti-slip suction cup. 51inch retractable hose.Anti-leakage design.Independent storage cover for nozzles. Specification Tank Capacity: 600ml Pulse Frequency: 1250-1800 times/min Water Pressure: 30-125 PSI/min(10 adjustable levels) Voltage: 100V-200VAC 50/60HZ Noise Standard: <72 db Power: 18W Length of the hose: 51inch Read more Powerful & Convenient More Effective Way to Clean Your Teeth With high pressure water pulse 1800 times per minute and 8 interchangable nozzles, ABOX water flosser conveniently removes up to 99.9% of plaque from treated areas, brings a more effective way to remove food debris in or between your teeth and gently massages the gums to improve overall oral health. Anti-Leakage 600ml Large Tank Comes with large 600ml tank, Abox water flosser for teeth can fulfill one time of 3 minutes dental flossing without refilling water. And what’s more, it uses a double seal ring to prevent water leakage and provide comfortable and safe using experience. 51inch Retractable Hose Comes with a 51 inch retractable hose, allows you thoroughly clean every corner that normal brushing or flosser can't reach; and it can be automatically restored to original shape after each use for better storage. Read more More Features Anti-slip Suction Cup It has 4 strong anti-slip sucker feet that attach to the sink to prevent from moving when being used, also reduce noise at high pressure; IPX4 Waterproof provides protection against splashes of water, would be a perfect match with your bathroom. In-lid Tip Storage More than a water tank lid, it is also a compact nozzle container, which allows you to put all the nozzles close at hand without dust, and makes replacing nozzles become easier and more comfortable. 3 Minutes Timer The device will turn off automatically after 3 minutes, which effectively avoids the consumption of water and power, and much safer. So before your next use, please turn off the power switch firstly, and then turn it on. Read more