Whitening Cream for Armpits Intimate Parts Between Legs with Collagen Effective Lightening Cream

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No more feeling embarrassed for darkened skin in unwanted areas. Now get ready to see your skin lightened through AsaVea Whitening Cream with Collagen. This whitening cream can be used nearly on every body part, including your underarms, private areas, knees, elbows, and back. It’s gentle, yet effective! Go ahead and order now to experience the benefits of our whitening cream. Benefits - Whitens - ALL Body - Effective - Moisturizes - Nourishes - Protects - Restores Directions 1. Clean and dry skin. 2. Apply and massage into skin until fully absorbed. 3. For optimal results, use twice a day in the morning and the evening. Ingredients Glycerol - To make skin nice and moist, soft and supple as well as heal and protect your skin keeping it healthy and bright. Hydrolyzed Collagen - Different from regular collagen. It can more naturally be absorbed by your skin for radiant skin and to repair thick pores Bamboo Charcoal - To help remove dirt, dust, chemicals, toxins, peculiar smells and resist new bacteria from forming. Perfect for Summer, Vacation, Weddings, Graduation, and more! Tips - For optimal results, use it after showering. - Allow cream to absorb into skin for 10-15 minutes after application and massage for another 30 seconds - Use an SPF protectant in the day. - Apply cream after removing hair like shaving or waxing.