Wireless Earbuds Comeproof Bluetooth Earbuds Deep Bass HiFi Stereo Sound 24H Playtime Bluetooth

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Latest Bluetooth 5.0 COMEPROOF Bluetooth earbuds equipped with latest launched Bluetooth 5.0 technology gives a static-free, reliable and swift connection for stable music streaming. It’s designed for soul, you and your music. HiFi Deep Bass Sound Adopting Bluetooth 5.0 HD Rendering Technology that Produce Incredible Sound Quality with Deep Bass and Crystal Crisp Treble. ONE STEP AUTO PAIRING AND CHARGING The Wireless Earbuds Turn On and Pair with Each Other Automatically When Take Out of the Charging Case; Turn Off and Charge Automatically When Put them Back into the Charging Case. Read more HD Microphone Extremely clear to hear or to be heard. Whether you are on a train, subway or a crowded street, your conversation will never be interrupted. Customized Fit & All day Comfort COMEPROOF features an ergonomic redesign of the earbuds for a slimmer, more comfortable lightweight, flexible fit and with 3 different eartips provided, an all-day comfort listening experiences for any ear shape is born.Make sure you wear it properly! as the picture shows! Wide Compatibility Wireless earbuds support devices with Bluetooth version 4.0 or above, both iOS and Android, and also other Bluetooth-enabled devices。 Read more Read more How to Use Control Button? Previous Song:Press button twice of Left earbud Next Song:Press button twice of Right earbud Play/ Pause: Press button once of one earbud Volume +: Hold the button of Left Earbud Volume -:Hold the button of Right Earbud Pick up/ Hang up phone call:Press once of one earbud Decline Incoming call: Press twice of one earbud How to Use Siri? (IOS User ONLY) Triple-click one earbud to wake Siri up & One click to turn off. How to Reset? (When 2 earbuds can't be paired & No sound of Right earbud & Indicator light of earbuds keep showing blue light) 1. Take out 2 earbuds meanwhile and put them back into charging case to reactive it. 2. Delete the S5 BT device on your phone. 3. Take out two headphones from the charging case at the same time, turn on your mobile phone Bluetooth. Then research and connect S5 on BT list.