Wireless Earbuds EDECUS TE1 Bluetooth Earbuds with 35H Playtime Bluetooth 50 HiFi Bass Stereo Noise

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EDECUS True Wireless Earbuds - Enhance Your Convenient & Smart Life Style Superior Sound Quality: 6mm dynamic speakers deliver incredible audioSuper Stable Connection: Enjoy your music without cutting off or losing connectionUltra-long 35 Hours Playtime: Let the wireless earbuds company you for daysComfortable Fit: Compact and ultra-lightweight design ensure that the wireless earbuds fit securely in your earsMulti-function Button: Volume+/-, next/previous songs, play/pause, answer/end/reject calls, activate voice assistant via the earbuds TE1 Truly Wireless Earbuds with Super Stable Connection and Noise Reduction Truly Wireless The multi-function button on the TE1 wireless earbuds totally frees your hands to control the device. You can power on/off your wireless earbuds, adjust the volume+/-, skip to the next/previous song, play/pause the song, answer/end/reject calls, as well as activate voice assistant. CVC Noise Reduction With CVC noise reduction, the environmental noises can be minimized during phone calls. Talking goes on more smoothly through hand-free uniaural or binaural calling. The TE1 wireless earbuds also do a great job of blocking noise when in stereo. Super Stable Connection The TE1 wireless earbuds adopt the newest Bluetooth 5.0 technology and optimized structure to maintain more stable connection than others. Never be bothered by losing signal frequently, just enjoy your time with them on. Read more Read more FAQ Q: How to pair one as a single earbud and how to switch to dual pairing? Use the left earbud only (Recommended): Just take it out of the case, choose "EDECUS-TE1" on your Bluetooth device to connect. Use the right earbud only: Take it out of the case, press and hold the button on it for about 5s to turn it off, then press for about 5s again to enter the pairing mode, choose "EDECUS-TE1-R" to connect. Switch to dual pairing: Please put both earbuds in the case to magnetically snap into the place until the indicator lights show red, then take them out at the same time or take the left one out first, only choose "EDECUS-TE1" to connect both earbuds. Q: Why the battery cannot last long the first time I used it? The wireless earbuds are not fully charged for safety when they are manufactured at the factory. Please fully charge your earbuds and the case before you use it, then you can get 7 hours from the earbuds and 35 hours in total with the case.