Xpand No Tie Shoelaces System with Elastic Laces One Size Fits All Adult and Kids Shoes

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Xpand no tie laces are one of a kind. Our elastic lacing system includes our zero memory flat elastic shoelaces allowing kids, adults, athletes, elderly and everyone in-between to convert almost any shoes or boots into a fully adjustable no tie slip-ons. You can use either "stealth mode" or "visible mode" when installing the Laces(see pictures). The Xpand Lacing System includes (2) 52” Xpand Laces which expand to over 100", 4 Lace Anchors to secure your laces in place and 4 Lace End Clips to give your laces a finished look when mounting in "visible mode". Our patent pending Lace Anchor technology secures the laces in place while remaining adjustable. Once you install the tension to your liking, you simply slip your shoes on and off without any further adjustments day after day. Our no tie shoelaces are perfect for runners and triathletes, hikers, bikers, kids, elderly, handicap, people with feet that swell, individuals lacking fine motor skills and anyone else that has trouble with standard shoelaces. Our system will get the whole family out the door in 3 seconds flat! Our no tie shoelaces requires no adjustments or hard bulky clamps to squeeze like other systems on the market, simply slip on and go. Xpand Lacing System (Patent Pending) is truly one of a kind. Brought to life through Kickstarter and Indiegogo, Xpand RAISED $1,254,598 from 37,560 SUPPORTERS! We continue to grow rapidly as people all around the world spread the word about our unique Lacing System. Comfort, style and performance packed into a single lacing system. Up close our laces have a really cool unique look to them, but from eye level, they look like regular shoelaces. This is a great feature because some individuals would rather not let the world know they have a slip-on advantage. Velcro and other no-tie systems scream for attention and take away from the aesthetics of the shoe. Not only is the Xpand Lacing System convenient, these stretch laces bring some serious comfort. Unlike regular shoelaces , the Xpand Lacing System alleviates constriction of pressure points from the top to the bottom of your feet! Quick and easy! Installation is literally a snap - Through the center hole, through the top hole, snap into the bottom slot. Done! Installation instructions are included on the back of the package. Our Lace Anchors shown in this image are extremely strong made with Fiber reinforced resin to prevent any warping or breaking. With 5 years of testing on the Lace Anchors from kids and athletes, we are confident your experience will be hassle free! Read more Option 1 - Hidden Mode. As you can see the Lace Anchors are installed behind the eyelet on the inside of the shoes with NO End Clips - this means that the hardware is hidden and out of view. You simply trim the excess lace off and singe with a lighter (if your an adult). Xpand is very discreet and nobody has to know you are using elastic laces! Read more Option 2 - Visible Mode. As you can see the Lace Anchors are installed on the outside of the shoes with the End Clips installed giving the System a finished look. This is great for people that want to quickly and easily adjust the tension. You do not have to use the End Clips, they are optional. You can just trim and singe the tips of the laces (if your an adult) if you would rather. Read more Reflective options - Great for night time activities. Our Reflective options are perfect for night runners or kids that play outdoors in the evening. As on-coming headlights from a vehicle or overhead street lights hit the Xpand Reflective shoelaces, They will emit a bright glow greatly increasing your whereabouts. All of our shoelaces are made with zero memory elasticity from high grade/quality materials. Read more