Beautural Waterproof Professional Electronic Foot File Callus Remover Wet Dry Rechargeable Pedicure

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Beautural Electronic Foot File Have foot calluses, rough cracked skin, or hyperplasia but don’t have the time or money for expensive pedicures? Beautural Electronic Foot File is here! Get smooth, clean, healthy, attractive feet within minutes from the comfort of your own home. Foot File Features: 1. Much faster than traditional pedicures. Get smoother, healthier feet while watching TV, between chores, or before going out. 2. Carefully controlled, constant rotation speed ensures Electronic Foot File won’t damage healthy skin. 3.Waterproof so it’s perfect for daily use at home or during travel no matter dry or wet feet. 4.Integrated internal battery to run continuously for 45 minutes (a single deep pedicure treatment or 2-3 routine maintenances). Save money vs replaceable batteries. 5. Receive the most comfortable pedicure by choosing your most preferred of 2 filing speeds. 6. Comes with 3 different roller heads that can be easily switched in and out depending on the amount of filing needed. Package Includes: 1 × Beautural Electronic Foot File 1 × Coarse Roller Head 1 × Extra Coarse Roller Head 1 × Fine Roller Head 1 × Power Adapter 1 × Protective Roller Cover 1 × Cleaning Brush Please Note: The bottom of Electronic Foot File should not be immersed in water.