Bluetooth Headset COMEXION Wireless Bluetooth Earpiece V41 HandsFree Earphones with Stereo Noise

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How to connect with two device simultaneously? Step 1: Follow the pairing procedure as instructed in 'Bluetooth Headset Connection' section to pair the headset with the first mobile phone.Step2: After match the first headset successfully, turn off the Bluetooth of your first mobile phone, and then the headset enters the pairing match status.Step3: Turn on the Bluetooth on your second device to connect. Step4: After connected with second device successfully. Turn on the Bluetooth on you first device, it will connect automatically.Step5: Now you can operate the two devices through one headset. Read more COMEXION BLUETOOTH HEADSET 8-10 Hours of Talk Time and up to 7.5 Days on Standby Mode Allows you to make reliable Bluetooth wireless calls and enjoy stream music&media throughout the day on a single charge. Recharging is simple with the included USB cable Easy Control Separate power, mute and volume buttons allow easy access and control. Press the centrally located answer/end button to direct incoming calls. Audio prompts alert you about battery level, connection status, mute status and more. Superior Comfort Only weights 0.5 oz, durable and comfortable enough to be worn for hours at a time. Enjoy extended comfort with ergonomic lightweight design and ultimate soft ear gels. 'MFB'(Multi Function Button) 1. Turn on/Turn off. 2. Answer a call (Single press). 3. Reject a call (Press and hold 'MFB' button for 3 seconds.) 4. Redial the last number (Quickly tap the 'MFB' button twice to redial last dialed phone number). 5. Play music. Read more Tips: Please DO remember ASK us if any problems/questions.Please do NOT charge your headset with car chargers in the car or fast charging cables to prevent the overload burning of the circuits. Package: 1 * Bluetooth Headset1 * USB Charging Cable2 * Ear tips1 * Carrying Case1 * Owner’s Manual Specification: Bluetooth Version: V 4.1Weight: 0.4 ouncesSupport: HFP, HSP, A2DP and AVRCP profilesOperating Range: up to 33 feet (accessibility)Battery capacity: 110mAHTalk time: 10 hoursMusic play time: 8.5 hoursStandby time: 180 hoursCharging time: about 1.5 hours Read more