Bomb Cosmetics Funkadelic Handmade Wrapped Gift Pack Contains 5Pieces 420g

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Handmade, hand-wrapped and tied with ribbon and raffia, these giftpacks are beautiful, impressive as a gift and contain all our favourite products. Paper Tiger Bath Creamer - A paper tiger is something that seems threatening, but is actually harmless. We've gone one better and made this stripey creamer really rather good for you. The cocoa and shea butters moisturise whilst the ginger and sweet orange oils help sharpen your senses. Pure Therapy Soap Slice - Breathe in an intensive wave of natures finest aromatherapy oils to subtly enhance your mood, taking you on a smooth, sophisticated aromatic journey. With Lemongrass and Bergamot essential oils. Sun Seduction Bath Creamer - Lay back, drop in your Creamer and imagine the suns warmth lapping over you. A blissfully restful and tropical coconut and pomegranate scent melds with pure Cocoa and Shea butters. With Ylang Ylang essential oil. Just drop it in a bath to let it slowly melt and release its moisturising benefits. Free Spirit Soap - Full of uplifting scents and rejuvenating pure essential oils to raise you spirits and help cleanse the mind and body. Haynobath Blaster - A swirling glittery sensation, dusted with fairy magic, and designed to make your senses swim with it's fine delicate fragrance and pure bergamot and clary sage essential oils. Place your Bath Blaster in warm water and watch as it fizzes rapidly releasing its fragrance and essential oils.