EDM Festivals amp Raves Make America Drunk Again Green Hat Funny Dad Hat for Drinking

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  • 100% Cotton

  • Hook and Loop closure

  • Definitely the BEST April Fools or Spring Break Accessory! If you party, and party hard, this hat is for you. Whether it's for a college kid, a grandpa, a dad, a mom, or even a dog, this hat is PERFECT. But seriously, don't let your dog drink dude. That's messed up.

  • Just a funny "Make America Drunk Again" Green Hat instead of the highly controversial MAGA hats that are all over the news & social media! These will pull eyes, then quickly cause a laugh! Definitely will be break the ice!

  • This funny, satirical hat is NOT anti-trump, just a funny gag gift and hilarious spin off of the MAGA Hat. Well. And for those that like to drink on April Fools Day and need a Green Drinking Hat

  • Perfect for April Fools day to be funny OR... birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, Parties, Camping Music Festivals, Pool Parties, and as Spring Break Swag. Rock this anywhere you drink, party, or rage at!

  • Top Quality Embroidery on Comfortable 100% Cotton. Fully adjustable (One Size) for Men, Women, or Kids. Fit's adult males to petite girls without a problem!