Embrace Active Scar Defense for New Scars FDACleared Silicone Scar Sheets SIZE XL 30 Day Supply

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Size:Extra Large (6.3 Inch) | Style:Initial Half Treatment (30 Day Supply) Product Description embrace® Active Scar Defense is the only FDA-cleared scar therapy designed to relieve the tension that causes scarring and help prevent scars before they start. It’s the only scar treatment of its kind that is clinically proven effective to significantly reduce the appearance of scars. Embrace® includes a patented applicator + 100% silicone sheet with medical grade adhesive. The uniquely designed applicator achieves precise tension reduction on the skin, (tension being the key cause of scarring), to gently hold both sides of your closed incision together. The result is a lighter, thinner, flatter scar. Embrace® also features Stress-Shield™ Technology which protects the scar from everyday movement while hydrating and softening your skin. Always apply and remove according to the instructions found inside the box. For detailed application and removal videos, visit https://www.amazon.com/embracescartherapy. APPLICATION: Apply embrace® on new scars less than 6 months old. For optimal results, use 1 to 4 weeks after suture removal on a CLOSED, DRY INCISION. Tip: The earlier you treat, the better your results. Each application lasts an average of 10 days, relieving you of a daily regimen. Embrace® is water resistant, so you can shower and exercise while wearing. (Note: Certain applications may involve more frequent changing due to high mobility, cleansing routine, hair growth, or oil level on the skin.) REMOVAL: Embrace® is ready to remove after 10 days or when a large portion of the sheet has already lifted from the skin. The medical-grade adhesive is designed to last, so SLOW, GENTLE removal is important. We recommend removing embrace® while taking a warm shower, warm water and soap. You can also use over-the-counter adhesive remover or baby oil to assist with gentle removal. WARNINGS & PRECAUTIONS • DO NOT use on scars if infection is suspected. Do not use while scabs are present. • DO NOT use if you have known adverse reactions to medical adhesives or skin diseases that would preclude the use of adhesive dressings. • The embrace® dressing is water-resistant. Short term exposure to water, (such as showering) is OK. DO NOT expose to water for prolonged periods of time. • DO NOT pull or remove quickly as skin irritation or tearing can occur. • DO NOT apply on the eyes, mouth, or nose. • DO NOT cut the dressing before or after application as it may cause irritation. POTENTIAL SIDE EFFECTS Application of any surgical tape or adhesive dressing may strip the skin upon removal. Consult with your physician should any of the following occur: • Skin irritation • Infection, pain, and/or fever • Allergic reaction *Data on File #002. Manufacturer Contact Information Call 1-855-722-7879 Monday - Friday, 8AM-4:30PM EST or email help@embracescartherapy.com