ENACFIRE E18 Plus Wireless Earbuds with Wireless Charging Case CVC80 3D Stereo Sound Deep Bass 8H

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【Note】Please follow the below steps when both earbuds fail to pair each other : 1. Place both earbuds to charging case and remain charging; 2. Press and hold the power buttons of both earbuds for 10s until blue & white lights flash; 3. Take out both earbuds from charging case; 4. Delete the " E18 plus" bluetooth name from your phone and turn off Bluetooth; 5. Turn on Bluetooth and click "E18 Plus" from your phone. 8H Ultra-Long Duration by QCC 3020 Combined with Qualcomm 3020 advanced features such as unbelievable power efficiency, E18 Plus has a everlasting battery life up to 8H (5H for Andriod) that will never drain off. No more blindly dreaming or flipping boring magazines in a long journey, you are free to enjoy more than 120 songs and even a whole season of TV series with just single charge! But! It’s more than just that. The portable charging case can provide extra 5 times recharge which multiple the battery life up to 48H. You can bring it to wherever you go without the fear of losing power and with extended fun. Read more IPX 7 Waterproof From a cozy shower to exciting sport activities in all kind of weather conditions, E18 Pro furnish high level of water-resistant so you can hit the pool, the beach and beyond. Read more More Features CVC.8.0 Noise Cancellation Thanks to one of the best Noise Cancellation technologies cVc.8.0, E18 Plus is making your call conservation over wireless earbuds super silent! Deliver crystal clear sound and enhanced voice quality during transmission, with easy on-ear receive call control, having a immediate business meeting is never impossible. Stereo Call Mode E18 Plus features stereo call mode which ensure a clear and high-quality conservation for both the receiver and caller. No latency, static sound and noise during the phone call, it’s just like face-face talking. One-Step Pairing Only one step, take the earbuds out from the case, they will power on themself, pair themself and even connect themself, you don’t need to click even one single button during this process. Everything are done with just one step, the rest leave to auto. Read more More Features IPX 7 Waterproof Effect Meet the perfect seal water protection designed with your goals in mind. From a small water or sweat splash to the 1m under-water world, E18 Plus gives you absolute sense of security and access to the thing you matter most. QCC 3020 Equipped with industry-leading QCC 3020, E18 Plus combined with latest function and support for worldwide network connectivity with jaw-dropping speed. Supported by apt-X and cVc Noise Cancellation technology, E18 Plus delivered more than you expected. Wireless Charging Case Meet one of the world-leading technologies trend - wireless charging. Highly-effective wireless charging simplify all the process and integrate the truth conveniences to your daily life. Charging is just as easy as that. Read more