JoyJolt Hue Colored Shot glass Set 6 Piece Shot Glasses 2Ounces

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Hue Colored Shot Glasses: Drink for joy with JoyJolt’s Hue multicolored shot glasses! A sleek and stylish choice for upscale parties, dinner gatherings, or everyday entertaining, this set of six multi-colored shot glasses makes a distinguished addition to in-home bar-service collections. The glasses feature a classic design marked by thick, solid-glass base, with tall rounded walls that resist sloshing and spills. Crafted of clear glass, the vessels blend seamlessly with existing barware, their rounded top rims and 2-ounce capacity--the ideal size for serving a variety of liquors--allow for tossing back favorite shots with relaxed ease. JoyJolt has put together a party set for you that is a must have. It even works great as a gift for any occasion or event like wedding, housewarming, or host gift. Give yourself and your buddies a great experience on your next party. Get the JolyJolt’s Hue Shot Glass Set! JoyJolt - buy with confidence! Your JoyJolt colored shot glasses arrive as a set of 6 and holds (2 oz.) each. They are securely packed in a beautiful gift box and are the perfect gift for yourself or anyone who enjoys fine drinkware. Read more Learn about the JoyJolt Colored Shot Glasses: Our colored shot glass set comes with a pack of 6 top quality clear shot glasses. these glasses with their unique base and design that ensures stability and an innovatively bold style. The shot glasses are hand made with cutting edge materials that allow them to be transportable, dishwasher safe and virtually indestructible making them a perfect addition to your home, bar,hotel, restaurant, club or office. Their quality, design and upscale packaging makes the a perfect gift idea for weddings, anniversaries, holiday parties and any other festive occasion. Read more What You Get. Comes in a set of 6, holds 2 oz.Thin edge rim with no bumpsSolid base is designed to be easy on the handDishwasher safe without any worry'sComes in a gift box, the perfect gift for any occasions.Here at JoyJolt, we stand by the unparalleled quality of our products,if you are not completely satisfied give us a ​call. Read more Durable: At JoyJolt, we manufacture all of our products with superior quality materials that are expertly crafted making the shot glasses virtually indestructible. Top Quality: Here at JoyJolt, we stand by the unparalleled quality of our products, if you are not completely satisfied give us a ​call. Dishwasher Safe: We have developed our shot glasses to withstand dishwasher heat and pressure keeping them a low maintenance, easy to care for product. Gift Packaging: Given the chic and protective encasement, the set is designed to be a perfect gift idea for any occasion. Read more Read more