JSAUX USB Type C Cable2Pack 66FTUSBC to USB A Fast Charger Nylon Braided Cord compatible Samsung

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Compatibility List: Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus Samsung Galaxy Note 9 / 8 LG G5, LG G6 LG V20,LG V30 Moto z force,Moto z play Moto z2 force,Moto z2 play Nintendo Switch Google Pixel/Pixel XL Google Pixel 2/Pixel 2 XL and other USB C devices. Note: Please maintain horizontally plug in and try it with a little strength for the first time. Google pixel is equipped with C-port wall charger in official, so when you use USB C to A Cable or the A-port wall charger, it can only charge normally but can not support fast charges, because Pixel is using Google’s private charging protocol. If you want to charge quickly, you should use the Pixel original C-port wall charger and C to C cable. This cable will not charge HUAWEI Mate 9 or OnePlus at full speed, as HUAWEI Supper Charge required 4.5V/5A and One Plus Dash Charge required 5V/4A, while the maximum output current of this cable is 2.4A. Data Hi-speed Transfer and Power Fast Charging 2 in 1. Ultra-fast Data Sync, data transfer speed up to 480Mbps, this allow you to download an HD movie or 1000 songs every 5 seconds. Superspeed Fast Charging like lightning, charging speed up to 2.4Amps, this allow you to charge your phone in the fastest way. Sturdy Nylon-braided fiber jacket and anodized aluminum shell make this Type C cable more durable,more flexible and sturdier than the normal ones. Tangle-free cord design eliminates bunching, tangles, and knots. Seamless molded joint, gold-plated contacts and bulit-in 56kΩ resistor provide outstandingly reliable conductivity and stability. Reversible and can be plugged in both ways, insert the cable in a right way all the time. With the fastening tape for organization, you can shorten the cable to any length you want and even organize it to a portable size that can put in your handbag or backpack. JSAUX USB Type C Cable Adds the strong military fiber, the most flexible, powerful and durable material, makes tensile force increased by 200%, With the 6.6ft length, you can lie on the couch and use your devices while charging from a long distance. NL Type-C to USB A Cable LX KJ Type-C to USB A Cable NZ Type-C to USB A Cable KJ Type-C to USB A Cable NZ Type-C to Type-C Cable KJ Type-C to Type-C Cable Connector 1 Type-C Type-C Type-C Type-C Type-C Type-C Connector 2 USB-A USB-A USB-A USB-A Type-C Type-C Quality in Pack 2 2 2 3 2 2 Color Red Grey Red Grey Red Grey Length 6.6ft 6.6ft 6.6ft 1ft+3.3ft+6.6ft 6.6ft 6.6ft