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Change in body temperature is one of the most important indicators of illness. It is important that accurate temperatures be taken. The digital thermometer is used in similar manner to the glass thermometer. It is important to understand body temperature and follow the instructions for this thermometer. BODY TEMPERATURE: A person's body temperature will usually be several tenths to one full degree lower in the morning than it is in the late afternoon. Therefore, if your temperature is 97.9 in the morning, it could be 98.4 or more in the late afternoon and still be normal. To determine what your normal body temperature is you should take your temperature both in the early morning and in the late afternoon over several days. Children have the same normal temperature range as do adults. A fever for both children and adults is typically defined as a temperature over 99.5 (oral reading). Exercise, excessive clothing, hot bath, hot weather, warm food and drink can cause mild elevations of up to 100.4 to 101.2 in oral temperature. If you suspect one of these to be the cause of an elevated reading, eliminate the possible cause and retake the temperature in an half hour. ORAL USE Place the probe well under the tongue.Keep their mouth closed until it reaches peak temperature measuring. AXILLARY USE Wipe armpit with a dry towel. Place probe under the armpit.Keep arm firmly against their side. Axillary temperature is around 1.0 to 2.0 lower than oral temperature. To achieve the most accurate axillary temperature measurement, a minimum of 3~5 minutes measuring time is recommended regardless of the beep sound RECTAL USE Insert thermometer into the probe cover. Lubricate the probe cover with a water soluble jelly for easier insertion. Do not use petroleum jelly. Insert tip of probe no more than ½ inch into rectum. STOP if you meet any resistance. There is a sensor on the very tip of the probe; do not insert the probe deep into the rectum. The rectal temperature is around 1.0 to 2.0 higher than oral temperature. Read more Robust Design This thermometer has a robust design and soft rubberized flexible bendable tip, which makes it non-slip, comfortable, and easier to hold between teeth without any stabbing pains. How to Store Children should be supervised by an adult while taking temperature. Store the digital thermometer in a safe place and out of reach of young children while not in use. When comparing to other thermometers, there may be a .2 percent variance in readings. How to Disinfect 1.To clean the thermometer, wash the tip with soap and warm water. 2.Disinfect the thermometer by wiping the sensor and lower stem with a cloth dipped 3.in a household antiseptic solution such as rubbing alcohol.Wipe dry with a soft cloth. How to use 1.The thermometer should only be used under the supervision of an adult. 2.Clean the thermometer probe before using it. 3.Do not bend or bite the probe. 4.Do not store this unit under direct sunlight, high humidity or dust. Avoid extreme temperatures. Read more