OPRO9 11in1USB C Hub Adapter with HDMI VGA MiniDP SD Card Reader 3 x USB 30 Ports Gigabit Ethernet

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Recently, laptops have been getting thinner and thinner. With Apple drastically changing the overall design of the MacBook Pro in 2016, more and more devices have switched to having only one USB-C connector; this is troublesome when it comes to connecting to a monitor, USB peripheral, flash drive, hard drive, or printer. This device is designed especially for USB-C enabled computers to extend their connectivity to more devices. With eleven ports, your range of use is greatly expanded: HDMI | MiniDP | VGA | USB-C | 3 x USB 3.0 | RJ45 coaxial cable | Stereo headphone jack | SD card | microSD card. With this all-in-one device, you can experience comprehensive connectivity with other devices, creating a more convenient user experience. 11 functions to satisfy all your needs HDMI | MiniDP | VGA | USB-C | USB 3.0 | RJ45 coaxial cable | Stereo headphone jack|SD card|MicroSD card This dock expands the function of the Type-C port on your computer, allowing for more convenience and connectivity with other devices. Compatible with a wide range of systems, it will satisfy all of your demands. Supports HDMI interface with fantastic video and audio quality 4K HD | 30 Hz Built-in HDMI interface to connect to a TV, supporting signals up to 4K 30Hz. Effortlessly carry your computer experience to a larger screen, with quality that is clear and smooth. MiniDP interface for supported devices 4K HD | 30Hz Compatible with MiniDP-supporting devices, such as Apple MAC, Lenovo ThinkPad X, Surface Pro series, allowing easy connection to supported displays. Read more Project to another display with instant, flawless output 1920x1200 resolution | 60Hz Supports VGA output, suitable for computer screens, projectors and TVs. Up to 1920x1200 resolution; in home, business, or other situations, the picture quality is crystal clear. Power delivery through the USB-C port Plugging a USB-C cable into the device lets you charge your notebook/laptop; up to 60W. Powered by a 12V DC power interface, you can quickly and easily charge your device without having to worry about insufficient power supply. 3 x USB 3.0 ports for fast data transfer and expanded storage The USB 3.0 interface means quick and reliable transfer of data to and from a storage device, as well as allowing for the expansion of storage space via removable storage devices. It also allows for charging of other devices, such as phones and tablets, off of these ports. Read more Features Ethernet port for stable and fast connectivity Now you can choose from a wider array of network options! This port allows you to connect an Ethernet cable for a connection that is faster and more reliable than wireless options. Up to 10/100/1000Mbps connection speed. Handy 3.5mm headphone jack Features a universal 3.5mm headphone jack for a wide array of headphones. SD and microSD for high-speed data transfer SD | Micro SD Images | Video | Data Built-in SD and microSD card read slot; supports a maximum size of 128GB with up to 55Mb/s high-speed transmission, allowing you to easily read and transfer. Read more Read more