Original Stationery Arts and Crafts Glitter Shake Jars Extra Fine Powder 24 Multi Color Assorted Set Works for Slime School and Childrens Projects 15 pcs Pack

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  • 15 FABULOUS AND VIVID COLOURS - you'll be spoilt for choice with this set of diverse, vibrant and glimmering colours from Original Stationery. We've specially selected each colour to create the ultimate glitter craft set.

  • PERFECT FOR CRAFTS AND SCRAPBOOKING - kids and adults can get stuck in with this fun glitter jar set - ideal for making collages, holiday decorations, greetings cards, customised clothes and much more. So start shaking and get making today.

  • PULL OUT ALL THE STOPS AT PARTIES AND FESTIVALS - glam up your face and nails with this show stopping glitter. We’ve put our glitter through rigorous lab testing to make sure it safe. It’s non-toxic and perfect to add that extra sparkle to your going out look, whether applied to your face or hair - just go careful near disco balls.

  • EASY-POUR JARS PACKED WITH GLITTER - our jars have been packed with 10 grams of glitter each, that’s 240 grams. User-friendly shake-and-pour removable lids which will ensure you get the most out of each and every pot. No waste means no worries, and that's fine by us.

  • BEAUTIFUL COLOURS - Raspberry ★ Rose Red ★ Scarlet ★ Copper Orange ★ Metallic Gold ★ Robin Egg Blue ★ Midnight Green ★ Apple Green ★ Navy Blue ★ Sky Blue ★ Indigo ★ Orchid ★ Mauve ★ Shining Silver ★ Onyx Black ★