Power Strip with USB TROND Wall Mountable Outlet Extender with 3 USB Ports 3 Widely Spaced Outlets Flat Plug 45ft Extension Cord for Cruise Ship Hotel Nightstand Office

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  • 3 SMART USB CHARGING PORTS. Three embedded USB ports (each up to 2.4A, 3A/15W in total) help to eliminates the need for using multiple chargers, and can intelligently charge your devices, such as phone, smart watch or Bluetooth headphones. Please note that TROND Prime Mini II doesn’t support the Quick Charge (QC 2.0/3.0) technology

  • 3 WIDELY SPACED OUTLETS. Plug TROND Mini II to your wall outlet, and you can get 3 grounded AC outlets back, which can be used to power your laptop, desk lamp, printer, clock radio, etc.. Enlarged distance between 3 outlets can accommodate large power adapters without blocking other outlets. Please DO NOT plug in highly power-consuming appliances, such as hair dryers or steam irons

  • ANGLED FLAT PLUG. Low-profile flat plug eliminates bulky awkward cords from cluttering your indoor decor and minimizes tripping. Angled design doesn’t block the bottom receptacle of the duplex wall outlet. 4.5-foot power cord provides sufficient cord length

  • SCREW MOUNTABLE DESIGN. Four screw-mounting tabs allows you to securely install this power bar in various applications, including workbenches, wallmounts, floormounts, under counters & more, saving desktop space for you

  • VARIOUS APPLICATIONS. Its compact design fits nicely on your desk, nightstand or dresser at home, and cleans up all the cable chaos. You can also take it with you while traveling abroad (100-240V compatible), or staying in hotels or cruise ship staterooms (no surge protection) with limited outlets available. Please note that it doesn’t function as a voltage converter