Power Strip with USB TROND Wall Mountable Outlet Extender with 3 USB Ports 3 Widely Spaced Outlets

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Product Overview This compact power strip with USB, released by TROND, can turn a regular wall socket into 3 grounded AC outlets with 3 USB charging ports. It helps to eliminate the need for carrying multiple chargers, and save both money & desktop space for you. Unique screw mountable design allows you to securely install it onto workbenches, nightstand, end table or under counters; 3 isolated AC outlets can accommodate large power adapters or transformers; 45-degree angled flat plug fits easily in tight spaces or behind furniture, and doesn’t block the bottom receptacle of your duplex wall outlet. Important Remarks before Buying: It’s not a voltage converter and can’t change the power voltage for you when going abroad;Due to the max. 1250W power consumption, it may not support some highly power-consuming appliances, such as hair dryers or steam irons;The 3 USB charging ports only support the smart-charging technology with the output of DC 5V. Therefore you may experience slow charging speed for devices, such as Samsung Galaxy S8 or Note 9, as they require Quick Charge (QC2.0/3.0/4+) or Fast Charging technology. Unique Screw Mountable Design Securely Mount It Anywhere Most other power strips provide keyholes in the back, and only allow you to loosely hang on walls or under desks. It features 4 small mounting tabs on each corner and even include 4 screws in the package. You can now securely mount it in various applications, including workbenches, wallmounts, under counters & more, saving desktop space for you. Stay Flat on Desktop If you don't want to drill screw holes into your furniture, you could also place it on your desk, nightstand, end table or dresser, clearing all the cable chaos. The 4 rubber feet at the bottom prevents this power strip from slipping. Specifications Flame retardant casing AC 100-240V worldwide Rated Power: max. 1250W USB Output: 3A/15W Each USB up to 2.4A Size: 4.43*3.74*1.10 in. Net Weight: 10.4 oz Non-Surge, perfect to use on cruise ships Read more Low-Profile Angled Flat Plug Flat wall plug lays flush against walls. It can fit in tight spots behind furnitures, such as bed, nighstand, couch, or TV stand. Never trip over bulky cords sticking out straight from walls;45-degree angled design doesn’t block the bottom receptacle of your duplex wall outlet;The flexible 4.5-foot power cord delivers optical AC power, and provides sufficient cord length without creating unnecessary clutter. Read more Non-Glaring LED & Reset Switch The rocker switch controls both AC and USB. Moreover, it's also for the internal circuit breaker, which would trip once the power strip is overloaded. Please switch to "Reset" to resume operation. It's intentionally designed with a soft, non-glaring white LED indicator so as not to disturb your sleep at night. You may tape it if it's still too bright for you. Stowed Away for Traveling The compact size of 4.43”x3.74”x1.10” makes it a perfect travel companion for you. Use the included velcro strap to wrap the flexible power cord and tuck it into your luggage. Its 100~240V compatibility operates on voltage worldwide, meaning you could use it while traveling overseas together with a travel plug. However, it's NOT a voltage converter and your device needs to support 100-240V as well. Non-Surge Design for Cruise Usually, there's only one electric outlet in each cruise stateroom. According to Carnival, "power strips, multi plug box outlets/adaptors and extension cords (without surge protectors) are allowed on board when used with proper caution." However, different cruise lines may have different requirements. For example, electrical extension cords are prohibited onboard Royal Caribbean cruise ships. Read more TROND 3-Outlet Power Strip with 3 USB Ports TROND 3-Outlet Power Strip with 3 USB Ports TROND 5-Outlet Power Strip with 3 USB Ports TROND 4-Outlet Power Strip with 4 USB Ports TROND 2-Outlet Power Strip with 5 USB Ports TROND 3-Outlet Cruise Power Strip with 2 USB Ports Color / Package Black, 1-Pack White, 1-Pack Black, 1-Pack Black, 1-Pack White, 1-Pack Black, 1-Pack Voltage Compability AC 100-240V AC 100-240V AC 100-250V AC 100-240V AC 100-240V AC 100-250V Max. Power Rating 1250W (125V/10A) 1250W (125V/10A) 1875W (125V/15A) 1250W (125V/10A) 1250W (125V/10A) 1875W (125V/15A) AC Suppression Joule Rating No surge protection, ideal for cruise ship No surge protection, ideal for cruise ship No surge protection, ideal for cruise ship 1440 Joules 1700 Joules No surge protection, ideal for cruise ship AC Outlets (ea.) 3 3 5 4 2 3 USB Ports (ea.) 3 3 3 4 5 2 USB Power Output 15W / 3A 15W / 3A 15W / 3A 20W / 4A 40W / 8A, powerful 12W / 2.4A Mountable ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ NO Power Plug 45-degree angled flat plug 45-degree angled flat plug 45-degree angled flat plug 45-degree angled flat plug 45-degree angled flat plug 3-Prong American Plug - Type B Cable Length 4.5ft / 1.36m 4.5ft / 1.36m 5ft / 1.5m, 14AWG heavy-duty 6.6ft / 2m 5ft / 1.5m No Power Cord