Slim Minimalist Front Pocket RFID Blocking Wallets Credit Card Holder with DShackle for Men Women

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Our KINGMAZI Slim Wallet is not only slim, simple, it also endurance being made from waterproof, tear-proof, but this design also comes to RFID fully protected. The Slim Wallet’s expandable material allows 12 credit cards comfortably & plenty of cash, making it the perfect minimalist wallet to keep your life organized and your pockets light. Our Slim Wallets are also unisex, so whether it’s slim wallets for men or women, look no further than our comfortable, beautiful and safe minimalist wallets. Try our Slim Wallet today and see how much lighter your life and your pockets can be when you use a thin wallet. PORTABLE FUNCTIONALITY Optimized and functional accessories designed for you We design functional and optimized accessories for each moment of your life. We handcraft our wallets using premium leather, incorporating modern designs which are developed with you in mind. Read more Hand Made Minimalist Wallet RFID Blocking Wallet KINGMAZI RFID wallet can help you ensure the safety of your ID card and credit/debit card. This Travelambo front pocket wallet can block RFID signals from cards working at a frequency of 13.56MHz, including: 1. Credit/debit card 2. ID card 3. Driver license KINGMAZI wallet DOES NOT block RFID signals from cards working at a frequency of 125KHz, including: 1. Most ID badges 2. Some hotel/building access cards 100% Quality Check Before Delivery Although hand made wallet has lower rate appear defect than machine production wallet. We insist check all finished products by one before packing to ensure good quality condition's product is sent to every customer. Thinner and Lighter Wallet Our wallets are ultra-thin, flat, and small because we use our proprietary ultra-thin wallet material which does all the work separating your cards and cash. Each of our thin wallets is designed to organize and fit all of your plastic cards, cash and everything else without having to give up any card or cash pockets, or forcing you to use unconventional wallet designs. our wallets look like regular wallets but they perform 50% better. Read more RFID Front Pocket Minimalist Wallet With ID Window We sure you have heard about KINGMAZI – One new brand of slim leather wallet and ensures to maintain the high quality. Utilize high-quality leather; it delivers the durability that can withstand wear and tear for everyday use. This KINGMAZI Slim Credit Card Wallet features the solid stitches, which bring a luxurious appearance even for picky customers. Take slim and convenience as the top priorities, KINGMAZI item allows you to put inside both front or back pockets. In term of design, there are three money pockets, up to 5 card slots and 1 ID window for convenient checking at the station. No more worry about the loss of information since your wallet attaches to hi-tech RFID blocking system. KINGMAZI slim wallets for men are nice and compact for you to carry several items. Seeking for one unique gift for your loved one? Choose one among these appealing color tones. Read more