Veru ETERNITY Hair Straightening Brush Corded Beard Straightener Comb with LED Display and MCH

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Read more Hair Straightener Comb Veru ETERNITY is committed to becoming a popular beauty and haircare brand worldwide. A new day, a beautiful day starts with a straight hairbrush! 3-in-1 MCH heating and ionic straightener brush with LED display. Portable for travel: It is such a light brush so you can take it to travel anywhere. Allow you to straighten hair on your own easily at any angle with the 360° swivel power cord. Easy to operate and easy to use. Strong Hair Straightening Brush BEAUTIFUL YOUR LIFE The hair straightener brush is a perfect combination of hair straightener and combs. Providing the fast and professional hair and beard straightening and styling, allows you get ready quickly for going out in rush morning hours. . Heater: Metal Ceramic Heater (MCH) Temperature Range: 250°F to 390°F Frequency: 50 - 60 HZ Power: 43W-48W Voltage: 120–240V AC(Dual Voltage) 360°Rotate Swivel Power cord: About 6 feet (1.8M) Read more Anti-Scald Design Farewell to dry, farewell to damage, no waiting, self-designed, always enjoy salon-style style! LED Display The LED display will show the temperature of the comb surface,allowing you to handle your hair with confidence. 5 Heat Settings 5 Heat Settings: range from (250℉-285℉-320℉-355℉-390℉) adjustable depending on hair thickness. Heat Resistant Glove Our anti-scalding glove gives you peace of mind to use this straightening brush to ensure your safety experience! Multiple Temperature Adjustments for Every Lady Safer temperature, safer straight hairThis straight hair comb has an automatic shutoff setting.For safety reason,the appliance automatically switches off after 60 minutesSuitable for all hair types even safe with bleached or thin hair.Thick hair needs more time to straightenSuitable for longer beardsTip:Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with this brush Read more How To Use 1. When your hair is dry, you can use it for straight hair. 2. NOTE:Press on-off switch,hold for 3 seconds,turn it on. 3. NOTE:Press switch, hold for 3 seconds, and turn it off. 4. Adjust the temperature, use hair straightening brush when the temperature reaches what you want. How To Clean 1. Make sure it is turned off and the plug is pulled out of the socket. 2. Clean the casing with a soft, damp cloth,without any additional cleaning tools. 3. Clean the combs of the product with a slightly damp cloth and use a commercial dish washing detergent if necessary. 4. Dry the product thoroughly after cleaning. What You Will Get 1x Hair Straightener. 1x Heat Resistant Glove. 1x US Conversion Plugs 1x User Manual. Read more